From the market, Mr PERESSE,
reports local seasonal perfumes
and he adds the unexpected...
just warm, the decor is in harmony...

Simple food, made with fresh, quality products served in a warm atmosphere.

Our terraces allow you to take all your meals outside as soon as weather permits. For family meals or group, our main hall can accommodate up to 80 people and we have a smaller room with a capacity of 30 people.

The Cuisine

Local cuisine prepared by Mr Peresse based on fresh products directly from producers close.

Some examples of entries :

Tourte of lanyard duck with mushrooms and chanterelles
Warm goat cheese profiteroles and a small salad
Escalope of foie gras with figs,
its gingerbread and a small salad

Some main course examples:

Duck breast with figs
Omelette with mushrooms and potatoes
Duck leg confit with porcini sauce
Braised chicken with garlic and olives
Jugged hare thigh